title: Golden Threads : Book 3 Thread Skein
genre: fantasy, commercial fiction
word count: 120,000
stage in progress: outlining
setting: Niya-Yur (maps Niya-Yur_1000x1600.jpg)
description: Ticca, Lebuin and Ditani join with Duke to protect or destroy the mysterious secret they carry. They have to overcome the forces bent on destroying the kingdoms.

Short Stories

title: Volnun and the Deep Wood
genre: fantasy, science fiction, commercial fiction
word count: 3,000
stage in progress: Part one published to Wattpad ( (link is external))
setting: Niya-Yur (maps Niya-Yur_1000x1600.jpg)
description: A career guardsman officer, who is way down the line of inheritance discovers that his whole family has been kill mysteriously on a hunting expedition. He finds himself inheriting all of the family lands as well as the mystery in the deep woods of his new properties.

title: Price of Immortality
genre: science fiction, commercial fiction
word count: 3,000
stage in progress: out for editing
setting: Far future remote galaxy
description: Admiral Duke must uncover the truth behind the treasonous behavior of the Alliance Council. For years they have been doing something in a secret military base. In discovering the truth Duke finds a new path that might cost him his humanity but save the universe.


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