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What If Book Endings Turned Out How You Wanted?

Thread Skein is about to come out, a full year late. Why? Well in a large part because of its ending. Books would be boring if we didn't get something from them. Book endings are meant to be climatic, with a joyful outcry of "oh yes!" or a "No! Not now, give me more, you can't leave it there!" Thread Skein should cause a very loud joyful outcry and much uncontrolled happy dances. But, it was hard.

What does it take to become a bestselling author?

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When I decided to turn my ideas into sellable novels, I knew I had a lot to learn. I had to create sellable books. I applied some skills I had learned years ago to becoming an indie author. The results have been better than I expected. In this short article I share the key lessons which helped me achieve my goals of becoming a bestselling author.

How to Sabotage Your Writing Career in One Easy Step

It’s one o-clock in the morning. Hundreds of hours of work are done and your book is really written. Congratulation you are now an author. All that is left is to watch the sales roll in. This is where a lot of indie authors make a common mistake that screams, "Hey, this is just a want-to-be writer who isn’t serious."

Targetting That Audience

One of the “rules” often repeated for authors is to know your audience and to write to that audience. This seems obvious until you start trying to break it down. In reading dozens of articles and books on writing everyone agrees that writing for your audience is important. Yet, I have found zero discussions that provide anything more than descriptive hand waving on this subject. In trying to understand if I am doing this well I have dug down deep into the blogs and interviews of the authors I consider to be doing a good job of reaching their self-described audiences. I have also read with an analytical eye their books paying attention to vocabulary usage, scene complexity, and especially descriptions of internal feelings and internal dialog.
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Rapid Review of Changes and Comments Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2010

I was so excited when I got back my manuscript from the editor with the joyful review notes and editorial suggestions. The email made my heart leap for joy because the editor was full of praise for the story. I downloaded the edited draft opened it and then started the nightmare of trying to go through four hundred pages of changes using the review panel. After spending nearly a full minute trying to find just the right place to right click to get to the accept change for a comma insert I hit my head on the keyboard. There had to be a better way...

Approaching Beta for Book One

I haven't posted recently because I have been pushing to get the first book done and off to the editors. As of right now I am 1.5 chapters from being done with the beta-draft version. It has been a lot of interesting time and a bit more work…