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What If Book Endings Turned Out How You Wanted?

Thread Skein is about to come out, a full year late. Why? Well in a large part because of its ending. Books would be boring if we didn't get something from them. Book endings are meant to be climatic, with a joyful outcry of "oh yes!" or a "No! Not now, give me more, you can't leave it there!" Thread Skein should cause a very loud joyful outcry and much uncontrolled happy dances. But, it was hard.
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Mind Bending Many-Worlds Theory

Do parallel worlds or universes actually exist? In Thread Skein you discover I'm in the subquantum strings Many-Worlds camp. Parallel worlds is a common Fantasy and Sci-Fi theme. But, is it real or just pure fantasy? I leave that to you. Still here is a brief summery of the ideas and a peak inside of Thread Skein where I join the host of other authors that write parallel world fiction.
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The Elraci Secret

What is the Elracian mystery? This is a central element to the Golden Threads Trilogy, and in fact, answering this question helps to resolve many of the plot threads. Many powerful entities have tried for over five thousand years to suppress the knowledge. But, there are numerous hints about this mystery throughout the first two books.

Name That Technology Fan Fun

Fan Fun is ... well FUN! In making progress in Thread Skein I ran into a problem. I had never named a particular technology. My brain was stuck in a loop so I called for help from my readers. Sure enough a lot of great ideas came rolling in, sadly only one can make the cut. If you want to find out what technology this was about, how it is used in the book, and more importantly who came up with the winning name...
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Magic vs Technology in the World of Niya-Yur

One of the more interesting elements to deal with in the world of Niya-Yur is the mix of magic and technology. There are many moments in the books where readers wonder, "why didn't they just use <insert thing>?" The answer is because reality is complex and those that live in it plan, think, and act according to what they know.
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Mirages of Elraci

Things are progressing steadily. Even though the current chapter is 8,000+ words it was still hard to find a real non-spoiler slice to share. Here is a rather interesting scene from this chapter which I am sure a large number of fans of Ticca and Lebuin getting together will enjoy. Note I'm not committing one way or the other on this subject. Still it is a fun moment for them.
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The Many POVs of the Golden Threads Trilogy

The characters set the tone of any book. The character line up for The Golden Threads Trilogy are a pretty interesting crew, one has to wonder how so many lives could even meet, let alone working together. I've assembled many of the character descriptions, summarized size of each role, explain some of the POV, and even provide pronunciation audio clips.
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Lolenda, Goddess of Rhonia, a sneak peek with a map

Rhonia is a continent, a chain of islands, an empire, and the source of some tasty if annoying herbs. Here is the latest sneak peek into book three Thread Skein, in a scene where Illa is left on her own in-between. This sneak peek comes with a map and some background info as a bonus!

The Blue Marble Palace of Elraci

How about another update? After a week of being so sick I couldn’t even think to dream, I’m back on the work bandwagon. Managed to add just over 5,000 new words the 3rd book. I’ve also have lots of great stuff rolling down the hill. Here is a sneak peek at the latest new scene for book three, Thread Skein
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Sneak Peek as a Blog Article?

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately because of how much work is going into the third book. I’d hate for you to think I was in another writers’ block slump (I’m not, in fact I’m churning out about 2,000 words a day right now). So here is a sample from tonight’s work...