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Their History But Our Future

I’m happy to announce that I’m working on “Infiltration” Book One of the Duianna Chronicles. Infiltration begins a series of hard sci-fi space marine books almost totally from the view point of Rolly Duke Bensure (aka Duke.) The series will eventually end with the novel that transitions Admiral Bensure into Supreme Commander Duke. Is that a prequel or a set of novels?
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Lords and Ladies You’re Using Latin!

Many astute readers and reviewers have clued in on the fact that the "ancient imperial command language" in The Golden Threads Trilogy is Latin. In the third book, becomes blindingly obvious to every reader. A few folks have praised the use of Latin as ingenious, while others have a less friendly opinion. A fan emailed me and inspired me to answer the question "Why Latin?" in detail. You might be surprised by my answer.