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Thread Slivers book 1 of Golden Threads


Thread Slivers Book One CoverFantasy Classics Top 100 150x125genre: fantasy, science-fiction, commercial fiction
: Niya-Yur (maps Niya-Yur_1000x1600.jpg)
word count: 129,638
print length: 356 pages
published: January 2013
Amazon kindle & print editions:  http://bit.ly/GTT1st
read first chapter: http://amzn.to/Y1RrjB
facebook page: www.facebook.com/GoldenThreadsTrilogy
art work gallery: http://on.fb.me/1aur5xz
editors: Alexis Arend (wordvagabond.wordpress.com), Kitten Jackson (kittenkjackson.com)
cover and formatting: Streetlight Graphics (streetlightgraphics.com)

Niya-Yur Duianna Continent 1000x1600Ticca is a newly-minted Dagger, a young honorable mercenary out to prove her worth in the big city. Her first job seems like a simple one, but it sets her on a path to a destiny bigger than she ever dreamed. The friends she makes along the way may have destinies of their own to fulfill: Lebuin a new Journeyman mage and a fastidious dandy, has just learned to his horror that his new rank involves actual journeying – and dirt! And Ticca is worried about Lebuin’s humble servant, Ditani, as she is sure he is more than he seems and might be a spy for Lebuin’s nemesis.

The three of them are swept into a series of deadly events. Fighting to stay ahead of their adversaries, they stumble into secrets that catapult them towards disaster that even the Gods are not prepared for.

first release Awesome Support Team: Ally Arendt (blog, Twitter), Lori Strickland (Twitter, Facebook), Maria Messruther (Twitter, Facebook), Nicole Kirstie Gaines (Twitter, Facebook), Shannon Jean Rhea (Twitter, Facebook)
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Thread Strands book 2 of Golden Threads

Thread Strands CoverFantasy Classics Top 100 150x125genre: fantasy, science-fiction, commercial fiction
settting: Niya-Yur (maps Niya-Yur_1000x1600.jpg)
word count: 128,421
print length: 427 pages
published: August 2013
Amazon kindle & print editions:  http://bit.ly/2ndGTT
read first chapter: http://amzn.to/1hiZ3bL
facebook page: www.facebook.com/GoldenThreadsTrilogy
art work gallery: http://on.fb.me/1aur5xz
editors: Alexis Arend (wordvagabond.wordpress.com)Kitten Jackson (kittenkjackson.com)
cover and formatting: Streetlight Graphics (streetlightgraphics.com)

Niya-Yur Duianna Continent 1000x1600Ticca, Lebuin, Ditani, Duke, and Dohma return in Thread Strands, the sequel to Leeland Artra’s fantasy bestseller Thread Slivers.

Ticca and Lebuin thought they had escaped their pursuers, but a new trap was waiting in Algan. Ticca, Lebuin, and Ditani are about to discover shocking truths about their attackers and themselves. Joined by unlikely allies, they find themselves in a deadly race for forbidden knowledge that might prevent the coming disaster. The mysterious Nhia-Samri, led by the evil, demi-godlike Grand Warlord, continues towards its unknown goals.

Meanwhile, the Gods and kingdoms find themselves preparing for war with the Nhia-Samri. Duke, fearing something deeper, wants to destroy the Nhia-Samri once and for all. But he must travel to Gracia, the capital of the Duianna Empire and seat of the Alliance of Realms, to convince the Assembly to declare war to get the army he needs.

first release Awesome Support Team: Ally Arendt (blogTwitter), Lori Strickland (TwitterFacebook), Maria Messruther (TwitterFacebook), Nicole Kirstie Gaines (TwitterFacebook), Shannon Jean Rhea (TwitterFacebook)

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