Settling a Bet

Marketing types suggest one way to connect with steampunk fans. Successful fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk authors suggest an opposing viewpoint. After some debate on what would work as a way to introduce people to my new steampunk serial adventures, a small side wager was made. Now it is up to me to test both options, collect the data, and get my colleague to buy me a tasty beverage...
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Epic Geeking Out with Authors Podcast goes live

Epic Geeking Out with Authors is a live recorded show which will be then be sound edited and posted as a video blog on and as a Podcast. The show will be entirely the on-the-air broadcast of what normally would be edited out of interviews.

What's up with the Golden Threads Trilogy Hardbacks?

Just when I thought the Golden Threads Trilogy was completely published I got a real surprise. You won’t believe what happened, but I’ll tell you anyway. I planned to take an entire weekend out and have some fun signing and shipping the first 100 print copies to supporters who pre-paid for the signed and numbered first editions. Little did I know a phone call and an email would change everything.
What's the difference?

What's The Diff?

I got asked a great question today (again) and finally took the time to think through a clear answer. I'm sure many of you are curious so here it is along with a detailed answer.

Thread Slivers is Incoming!

Thread Slivers has been scheduled for final release publication yesterday. This weekend in addition to finally putting away the Christmas lights (yes, they’ve been up this long) I worked on getting the revised edition of Thread Slivers…

Desktop Wallpaper Images

We just got the complete set of 42 beautiful desktop wallpaper images based on the book covers and maps. There are sizes and layouts for almost every cellphone, computer, and tablet. You can still get access to this limited edition set of…
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What If Book Endings Turned Out How You Wanted?

Thread Skein is about to come out, a full year late. Why? Well in a large part because of its ending. Books would be boring if we didn't get something from them. Book endings are meant to be climatic, with a joyful outcry of "oh yes!" or a "No! Not now, give me more, you can't leave it there!" Thread Skein should cause a very loud joyful outcry and much uncontrolled happy dances. But, it was hard.

Help Rebooting My Imagination

December 2014 was a difficult month for my writing efforts. In fact it crushed my imagination. Now I need to reboot my imagination and am looking for ideas or shows that I can add to my coffee time.
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Their History But Our Future

I’m happy to announce that I’m working on “Infiltration” Book One of the Duianna Chronicles. Infiltration begins a series of hard sci-fi space marine books almost totally from the view point of Rolly Duke Bensure (aka Duke.) The series will eventually end with the novel that transitions Admiral Bensure into Supreme Commander Duke. Is that a prequel or a set of novels?
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Lords and Ladies You’re Using Latin!

Many astute readers and reviewers have clued in on the fact that the "ancient imperial command language" in The Golden Threads Trilogy is Latin. In the third book, becomes blindingly obvious to every reader. A few folks have praised the use of Latin as ingenious, while others have a less friendly opinion. A fan emailed me and inspired me to answer the question "Why Latin?" in detail. You might be surprised by my answer.
Ticca in Parallel Worlds 200x100

Mind Bending Many-Worlds Theory

Do parallel worlds or universes actually exist? In Thread Skein you discover I'm in the subquantum strings Many-Worlds camp. Parallel worlds is a common Fantasy and Sci-Fi theme. But, is it real or just pure fantasy? I leave that to you. Still here is a brief summery of the ideas and a peak inside of Thread Skein where I join the host of other authors that write parallel world fiction.
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The Elraci Secret

What is the Elracian mystery? This is a central element to the Golden Threads Trilogy, and in fact, answering this question helps to resolve many of the plot threads. Many powerful entities have tried for over five thousand years to suppress the knowledge. But, there are numerous hints about this mystery throughout the first two books.