Thread Slivers & Thread Strands Publication Funded!

Thread Slivers & Thread Strands Staff Pick 200x156

Thanks to all out our outstanding backers we did it! Not only did we get the initial $2,000 we asked for but we also crossed the 200% funding line!

My wife and I want to give you all a colossal thank you for your remarkable support.

First Kickstarter Link

As we hit the $4,000 goal, everyone getting a printed book will also get the full color Niya-Yur maps! Here they are for you to enjoy electronically!

It will take us a little while to get the Backer Kit all put together, when we are done you’ll get a notice that you need to fill it out to let us fulfill all of your items. You’ll be getting an invite from Kickstarter in about a week. You will be able to fill us in on extra items you added, or special instructions. Don’t worry if your mailing address will change, we will be checking the box that lets backers adjust their address. The print books will be available as soon as we get them proofed.

I’ll post regular updates with status and remaining items (which will change as we go, this is the first time I’ve published through this new service).