Mind Bending Many-Worlds Theory

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Ticca in Parallel Worlds 450x225What happens in a world torn apart? That can be an interesting question to explore. There are hundreds of theories and thousands of stories around this question. We have an idea of what can happen with a big enough explosion of mundane energies. The atomic bomb is a pretty solid demonstration of that possibility. One of the more interesting things about physics is the idea that all matter in the universe has been through many series of such explosions just to exist. The idea is that heavier elements are the fusion of lighter elements in the explosions of suns. Therefore, all of us, all of our realities, exists because over billions of years the matter that makes us went through a series of explosions, condensing to a new sun, being fused with more matter, thrown out in an explosion, and then repeating that cycle again and again.

There is also growing evidence that multiple sets of realities do exist; the main theory for this is called the Many-Worlds theory. Today’s physicists really have created machines that can, and do, detect quantum matter. However, the necessary element for the Many-Worlds part of the theory to be proved is the existence of subquantum strings, and these remain, as of yet, unobserved. So, as of this article, the whole Many-Worlds theory remains, well, entirely theoretical.

Do parallel worlds or universes actually exist? If the Parallel Worlds theory is true, we will never know because by definition we cannot observe them. If the quantum physics Many-Worlds theory version, using subquantum strings, is true then they do exist, and we will one day be able to observe them. The originator of the string theory and world renowned physicist, Michio Kaku, believes parallel dimensions do exist. (See http://www.theguardian.com/education/2005/feb/22/highereducation.highereducationprofile for an interview about this.)

In Thread Skein, I’m going with the subquantum strings ideas of parallel universes. Through the use of a type of energy capable of manipulating subquantum elements directly (aka magic), both the physical and the immaterial elements of the universe are fair game. Now the question becomes, what happens in a world torn apart by magic and mundane energies? To answer this question, an atomic bomb would have to be mixed with its magical equivalent.

Who in their right mind would do that? Answer: no one.

But, what if an advanced society built the equivalent of a fusion reactor that used magic as well. Well, that is safe until it is caused to overload, and at that point, almost anything can happen or not, and does or does not, in a parallel world. If two parallel worlds are very close, it might just be possible, with magic, to push oneself back and forth between them. And there is the root of part of Thread Skein. Here is a sneak peek at the results.

Before you read the sneak peek, there is a small bit of required lead in. Lebuin and crew are deep in the Circumveni Desert trying to locate a cache of knowledge to help in the war. They are out of water and food. Ticca has been missing for more than eight days and is presumed dead. There is no chance for an external rescue, so they are naturally getting a bit desperate. Of course the Circumveni Desert is the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the once great nation of Elraci, destroyed by the aforementioned magical nuclear bomb. The desert is dangerous, especially to wizards, and magical beings because they can be and are tossed through the thin curtain of possibilities. Finally Runa-Illa mysteriously managed to pull a puzzle box out of one of those alternate reality jumps and she just figured out how to open it. The transitions are disorienting, and come without warning. If you were reading the book this would have all be old-hat for you by this point.


Thread Skein – Sneak Peek – Dehydration

Inside the box was a blue silk padded cover. She had to pull hard to lift the cover straight up as it was more of a padded plug than a cover. The silk pillow plug pulled free revealing a silver filigree etched manilla decorated with dozens of diamonds and sapphires. A set of intertwining chains connected in a triangle netting to a matching ring with a massive sapphire surrounded by diamonds on a twisted vine.

It was so beautiful, Illa sucked in her breath, and her hands trembled. She had seen many wonders in Hisuru Amajoo, and nothing came close to this treasure in raw splendor.

Nigan whistled appreciatively.

Lebuin smiled. “Ticca has really good taste. Try it on.”

Illa gulped. Her stomach fluttered at the thought of wearing such a thing. “Can I?”

Nigan made tsk-tsk sounds and reached into the box pulling the bracelet out. He handed Lebuin the box and flipped her hand over, slipping the ring on her forefinger, then slipped the manilla over her wrist, fastening the clasp.

He held her hand for a moment looking into her eyes. “You can because it’s yours.”

She held her hand out as everyone looked at it. Moving it back and forth, it caught the light and reflected and focused it, creating dozens of sparkling flashes. A few crossed her eyes, blinding her momentarily.

Lebuin’s brows tightened. “That looks familiar.”

A light laugh came from behind. “Of course it does, my Lord Lebuin.”

Illa and Lebuin turned as one to see the princess approaching them. The library door was held open by four of her royal guards. She was dressed in a beautiful blue dress that matched the silk lining of the box exactly; it even had the same silver piping. As she moved, the silver threads in the dress caught the sun and reflected it at them in a dazzling shimmer of small lights.

Illa curtsied deeply, and Lebuin bowed.

“Your Highness, this is an extraordinary gift. You are most generous.” She said to Ticca.

When she stood straight, she noticed Lebuin was looking at Ticca with narrowed brows. She looked at the princess as well and saw what Lebuin was concerned about. Ticca’s face was slightly hollow, and the dress she wore seemed to be too large for her. In fact, she had lost a lot of weight.

Ticca picked up a glass of water from the decanter and drained it rapidly. She filled the glass again and drank it down before she turned to them. “Sorry. It seems unusually hot and dry to me. I find I have an extraordinary thirst.” Ticca pointed at the manilla on her wrist. “Lebuin will soon remember why that looks familiar. I want the rest of the surprise to come in its own way. I enjoyed seeing your face upon opening it.”

Illa blushed. “Your Highness! Have you been using the surveillance system improperly?”

Ticca had popped a piece of fruit into her mouth and was chewing it with enthusiasm so she didn’t answer, but she made a sweeping gesture. At the place she indicated, a short man appeared. He wore a lab coat over a finely tailored blue suit. His black and white hair was cut short and stood up in tuffs at various angles.

Illa laughed. “Oh, Brandon, are you are in on this?”

Brandon smiled. “Of course I am, Your Excellency; nothing happens here that I don’t know about. The princess ruffled a few feathers taking it away from our research division.”

Ticca made hushing noises. “Brandon, you are horrible at keeping secrets.”

Brandon blushed and turned towards her. “My apologies, Your Highness. I don’t think I let too much out.”

Lebuin stepped over to stand close to Ticca. “Your Highness, are you okay?”

Brandon’s brows tightened, and he too stepped towards Ticca. “Your Highness, you are suffering from severe dehydration and starvation.” Brandon turned, looking each of them over rapidly. “You all are dehydrated. What is happening?”

The doors to the library swung open, and Amio-Dharo ran into the room. The royal guards drew their swords, but Amio-Dharo slid to a stop and looked over all of them. His eye landed on the manilla Illa was wearing. His eyes nearly jumped out of his head.

Illa recalled this was a vision, and she really was in the ruined remains of Elraci, a desert so dangerous no one had dared traverse it in thousands of years.

Ticca had continued to eat and drink, if anything more rapidly. When Amio-Dharo had come in, her eyes went wide, and she started stuffing fruits and pastries into her dress madly. Lebuin ran to another decanter tray picking it up and running back towards Ticca with it. The panic on his face matched the emotional flood she got from him.

Brandon stood tall. “What is going on?”

Amio-Dharo stepped towards Lebuin and Ticca. “I did see you there. You were at Niuni Lol.”

Brandon spun around. “How could they be there?”

“They are caught in a transition wave. Ticca is pulling me into it somehow.”

Brandon shook his head. “That isn’t possible.”

“It is.” Amio-Dharo pulled a beacon key out of his shoulder pouch. “Brandon, make this a key to Kiliun Lol.”

Brandon shook his head “I can’t do that without the Emperor’s consent.”

The far wall wavered as if it was made of liquid. Then, it shattered into nothing, and a distortion wave rippled towards them. Amio-Dharo dove to get away from the wave. He was fast but it was faster. Just as his legs vanished, he threw what he was holding at Lebuin. “This or the Yunna Minn…” and he was gone.

Brandon spun pointing at the beacon key Amio-Dharo threw as it flew through the air. The wave passed over Brandon, and he was gone.

Lebuin had already handed Illa two large crystal jugs of water. “Hold tight, and don’t drop those no matter what.” He ordered has he took a flying leap to catch the beacon key. He caught it, landing on the floor, his momentum making him slide towards the wave.

Just before the wave washed over Lebuin, he looked at Ticca with a look like he was watching a friend die. He shouted “We’ll find you!” and then was gone too.

The wave touched Ticca who was desperately hugging three of the large crystal jugs of water. Illa had nowhere to go, so she also just gripped the jugs and closed her eyes breathing deep, trying not to sway.

I’ll return to my world. I’ll be standing. I only need to not fall from the dizziness.

She concentrated on breathing, holding the jugs, and standing evenly balanced. She was so focused, she missed the feeling of transition.

“Where did you get that?” Nigan’s voice came from right next to her.

She sighed and opened her eyes. Lebuin was laying down on the rock a few feet away.

“Lebuin are you okay?” Malla called as she and Carda ran over to him to help him up.

She looked down and not only did she still have the bracelet on, but in her hand was one amazingly wonderful full crystal jug of fresh lemon water. She started laughing and looking up she saw Lebuin standing, looking at his empty hand like it was a traitor.

Lebuin looked at her, and his eyes lit up like twin suns. “If you have that, she might have hers too!” Lebuin shouted and started jumping around shouting, “She’s alive! She’s alive!”

Nigan bent close to the jug and sniffed it. “Lemon water?”

Illa couldn’t stop laughing. She grabbed Nigan’s arm. “She’s alive. I have the jug. So she might have her jugs. Don’t you see she’s alive? She might have the food too! She has jugs and food!”

Lebuin heard her and stopped jumping. Then, he couldn’t contain his joy and jumped some more. “You have a jug, and she might too!”

Ditani looked at her. “Ticca? You saw Ticca?”

Illa couldn’t speak she was ginning so wide, so she nodded enthusiastically and held up the prized jug of water.

Nigan snapped his fingers. “They had another one of those weird vision things. Ticca was there, and she took food and water with her, like Illa brought back this jug. Next time do you think you could bring back  a steak dinner platter?”



I hope you enjoyed this little look at the Many-Worlds aspect of the Golden Threads Trilogy. I appreciate your interest and am grateful for your time. If you liked this article please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Joy Wilson

    I love the possibilities hinted at in this sneak peek. Keep writing, Leeland! Congrats on the best-selling accomplishment—you deserve it.

    • Thank You Joy – My earlier readers of Thread Skein were geeking out over the whole parallel splitting that is shown here. I personally loved writing this. Trust me there is more coming. Thread Skein is now finished and running the editing gauntlet trials. A couple of months and it will be available!

  • Cameron

    I don’t want snippets, I want the entirety! Really looking forward to the next book, Leeland.

    • You’re Awesome Cameron! :^) You’ll be happy to know Thread Skein is completed and in the editing pipeline right now. The Rough Readers are fact checking it right now too. Looks like about 8 weeks remaining before officially being available for sale.

  • Gary Stipe

    The snippets are great. However, just like smelling a well prepared meal, totally unsatisfying when you’re hungry! The reference to maybe 8 weeks does me no real good since I don’t have a start reference… When will 8 weeks be over??? Being an engineer, mathematician, and a physicist, none of the concepts are challenging to accept… However waiting patiently has never been one of my greatest assets… While I have convinced many of my friends to start reading the trilogy, I continue to caution them that if they happen to finish Thread Strands prior to the emergence of Thread Skein, I will not be held responsible for the period of despondency that will ensue until the emergence… Trust me, I speak from experience and persevere only because of the periodic promises that it truly does exist… BTW, congrats on finishing

    • Hello Gary,

      I’m having my own share of waiting pangs. It’s done, dang it why isn’t it out!!! Oh ya needs a cover…oh and the custom chapter images are not done yet…oh editing, ya that is a good idea…

      I’m trying to get it out. Its out to about a hundred beta readers right now for feedback. I’ll have to roll all their suggestions together when I get them back. Then there will be a proof read edit pass. I have my fingers crossed the custom art work is finished by the time I get back from proofing.

      There is a ton of work to do after the dang thing is written.

      In the mean time, I’m hard at work getting the Duianna Chronicles pumped into the publication stream. I’m trying to knock out a new book a month. So once that pump is fully primed there will be a new book coming out every month. Not sure how long I can keep that pace up. But, its fun so far.