The Nhia-Samri Assembly Briefing



Wax Seal Etui Set C 300x270Throughout the books, there are references to the Nhia-Samri, and in book one, the origin story for the group is provided. Anyone that lives in the world of Niya-Yur is well aware of who the Nhia-Samri are. However, the belief of what they are varies wildly depending on who you are dealing with. Many fans are interested in the details behind the shadowy organization. To provide some clarity for themselves, the Duianna Alliance Assembly commissioned a brief to be written just after hostilities broke out in 15723. Here is the briefing on the Nhia-Samri provided to the Assembly by Right Honorable Lady Electra Neyon, Countess of Waylisia, Deputy Secretary of the Duianna Alliance.



In pursuance of the Directive of the Assembly Nanadyt-12-15292, in direct support of Articles 9 and 10 of the Covenant Of The Duianna Alliance Of Realms, To Provide A Brief On The Nhia-Samri And Report Current Nhia-Samri Staffing From A Military Point Of View, my office has collected direct interviews and reviewed Aelargo field reports to provide an accurate assessment of the Nhia-Samri staffing.

It is commonly known that the Nhia-Samri are a paramilitary group created and run by the elven lord Shar-Lumen. We have established that Lord Shar-Lumen left the elven kingdom of Nae-Rae in 14523. His stated intent was to explore the world and learn of the other races. Based on Nhia-Samri records witnessed by a reliable source, Shar-Lumen started the Nhia-Samri in Kishadyt-14537. The Nhia-Samri operated out of the kingdom of Nasur until Patredyt-14557 when they relocated to the hidden fortress city Shar-Lumen had built exclusively for the group, which he called Hisuru Amajoo.

From the beginning, the Nhia-Samri were highly sought after mercenary warriors as they were extraordinary fighters, and they never failed to successfully complete a commission. For many years, the Nhia-Samri numbers continued to grow almost as fast as their reputation. The code of honor they held above all else made them generally seen as heroic by most people of the realms. Available records from Nasur, Oslald, Aelargo, and Laeusia indicate that the rulers and nobles routinely turned to the Nhia-Samri for many missions which required a strong military response for approximately fifty years.

Sometime near 14590, the character of the Nhia-Samri organization changed. The actual story of what happened to change them varies depending on who you ask. However, the generally agreed to facts are that a rather horrible new magical race that were called orcs began expanding north through Nasur and Oslald. The Nhia-Samri were called upon often to deal with larger and larger orc raiding parties. The orcs moved in large groups, and as a whole, seemed to be moving northerly. The orcs occupied the Cinereo Colles Mountains at the northern border of Oslald between the Loren Channel and the elven nation of Nae-Rae. Initially, the elves were receptive to the orcs and openly traded with them. The orcs gathered most of their race to a series of cities high in the mountains renaming the range Nam Spem Mountains, which they are still named today.

Just before 14600, an unknown event occurred that pulled the Nhia-Samri into an aggressive war with the orcs. The Nhia-Samri destroyed all of the orc cities so completely almost no trace of the dwellings can be found today. The surviving orcs fled across the world hiding their nature as best as they could. The Nhia-Samri spent the next two hundred years hunting any orcs they encountered without mercy. During that time, the orcs became increasingly hard to find. In a complete reversal of roles, the Nhia-Samri resorted to hiring bounty hunters and mercenaries to help hunt the last remaining orcs down. The Nhia-Samri began posting notices around the world offering a bounty of two silver crosses for every orc killed. Proof of the orc kill was required to collect the bounty, and the proof demanded was the scalp and both ears of the dead orc.

Although gruesome, the Nhia-Samri were still highly regarded as very few people had any sympathy for the brutish orcs. Through all this, the Nhia-Samri continued to expand their organization. During the 14700s, they slowly became more secretive, eventually becoming a shadowy organization that was difficult to hire with an ever more increasing seedy reputation. The situation grew worse as the Nhia-Samri influence and power became nearly unchallenged. They are accused of several assassinations and massacres from 14700 through 14780.

Most believe that it was Duke and Damega’s founding of the Daggers in 14773 that was the beginning of the end of the Nhia-Samri shadow over the lands. The new Daggers were just as highly trained as the Nhia-Samri and, in many opinions, better trained. The Daggers were all seasoned veteran warriors that could almost match the Nhia-Samri in skills. The Nhia-Samri’s primary advantage was their magical odassi blades which provided them with magical shielding, enhanced perceptions, enhanced speed, and enhanced strength. With odassi blades, a single Nhia-Samri warrior is able to outperform four to six Daggers.

In spite of the Nhia-Samri’s superior abilities, the Daggers rapidly replaced the Nhia-Samri as the preferred mercenaries to hire when needed for two reasons. First, Daggers were committed to a more noble ideal of always doing right regardless of the consequences. This ideal made them highly respected in the national militaries. The second, and most likely reason most kingdoms and merchants turned to the Daggers, was that Daggers were far less expensive to hire. This was because Daggers could be hired in small teams verses hiring the Nhia-Samri organization as a whole.

The last known major action of the Nhia-Samri was in the year 15250 when it was discovered that the Nhia-Samri were fanning the flames of hate and war between the kingdoms of Laeusia, Yalthum, and Nasur. It was the Daggers who helped end that war by exposing the Nhia-Samri involvement with the help of the Nhia-Samri second in command, Amia-Dharo, known as “The Traitor.” Amia-Dharo quit the Nhia-Samri and brought proofs of their activities to the Assembly, which helped cool tempers and end hostilities.

In the last forty years, the Nhia-Samri have been almost invisible. They have taken part in no known actions, nor engaged in any of their once normal political games. Many people believe the Nhia-Samri are dying off and dispersing, soon to be nothing more than a footnote in history. However, recent events have brought to light some startling numbers. The Nhia-Samir numbers, resources, and influences exceed many of the Assemblies worst fears.

The Nhia-Samri are a strictly military organization which adhere to the code of honor above all else. The definition of honor is strict obedience to ones superiors and the determination to do whatever must be done to comply with ones orders or duty. The Nhia-Samri believe that death is far more preferable to dishonor. Therefore, if through death they can achieve the required goals of their assignment, they will willingly give their life. Further, once set on a task, they never give up. This behavior is ingrained into all of their training and lifestyle. Any Nhia-Samri who fails to follow orders is expected to commit a form of ritual suicide. Once a Nhia-Samri officer accepted a commission, it is succeed or die.

The Nhia-Samri are a two class society. There are warriors and civilians. The warriors are organized into a strict hierarchy of command which is never violated. The warriors believe they live to protect their civilians. The civilians are broken into groups based on profession. The civilian Nhia-Samri believe it is their duty to provide all that is needed for the warriors to live with honor. The symbiotic relationship appears to be highly successful as the few traders who have been into the Nhia-Samri fortifications describe a lawful and happy lifestyle with a high standard of living.

Of course, all Nhia-Samri are under the dictator-like rule of their Grand Warlord and founder, Shar-Lumen.

The Nhia-Samri ranks are:

Officer Level Officer Rank Name
10 Grand Warlord
9 First Warlord
8 Warlord
7 General of the Army (honorary title only for service)
6 General
5 Colonel
4 Major
3 Captain
2 First Lieutenant
1 Lieutenant


Warrior Level Warrior Rank Name
10 Command Sergeant Major
9 Sergeant Major
8 Master Sergeant
7 Sergeant First Class
6 Staff Sergeant
5 Corporal
4 Private First Class
3 Private
2 Warrior First Class
1 Warrior


The Nhia-Samri military structure is said to be based on a many ancient successful examples.

Unit Name Composition Officer In Charge Approximate number of Warriors
Squad 5 warriors Lieutenant 5
Unit 5 Squads First Lieutenant 25
Regiment 10 Units Captain 250
Brigade 5 Regiments Major 1,250
Division 5 Brigades Colonel 6,250
Corps 5 Divisions General 31,250
Company 2 Corps Warlord 63,500


The Nhia-Samri do not have any particular home land. They are actually made up of both recruited warriors from their own civilian population as well as any other country they have a base or station in. Their largest fortification is the hidden fortress of Hisuru Amajoo, which is said to be larger than any city including all of Gracia, the capital city of the Duianna Empire. The Nhia-Samri have bought, or simply taken, land throughout all of the realms and built bases or outposts. Each outpost roughly houses one full division of warriors plus the supporting population. Outside of the outposts, the Nhia-Samri also have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of garrisons, depots, posts, and stations in homes, farmsteads, and warehouses spread through all of the cities and lands.

Nhia-Samri bases:

Name Composition Estimated Warriors Estimate Civilians
Hisuru Amajoo 9 Corps 288,000 500,000
Outpost 1 Division 6,250 15,000
Garrison 2-3 Regiments 600 200
Station 1 Regiment 250 20
Post 1 Unit 25 0
Depot 1 Regiment 250 0

Recent intelligence has provided a great deal of insight to the command structure and its organizational chart. Provided here is the latest known organizational structure as of this writing.


Nhia-Samri org chart 1070x580

In accordance with Rule 18 of the Secretary General’s Rules of Procedure, the Secretary General’s Deputy has the honor to inform the Assembly that it attaches the category of secrecy of ASSEMBLY CLASSIFIED to this report.

I have the honor to be,


Your obedient Servant,

(signed)   Electra Neyon,
Countess of Waylisia,
Aelargo Deputy Secretary of the Duianna Alliance.

The Alliance Secretary
of the Duianna Alliance.


I hope you enjoyed getting some insider information on the Nhia-Samri. I appreciate your interest and am grateful for your time. If you liked this article please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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