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TwitterProfile_FSFNIf you haven’t noticed yet, I like to promote fantasy and sci-fi books. Mostly because I love reading great books in those genres more than any other type of book. But, I’m a little picky. As an ex-business owner, I know the value of a reputation or brand. I gave a lot of thought to what my brand would be as a fantasy/sci-fi author. Which is to say that my target audience is MYSELF from the age of 15 to um…well…till I die.
That means my target audience wants:

  • A complex story which may or may not be fully explored
  • Physics follow some rules (If there is super science or magic, fine, but it cannot do something in one situation and then be unable to do the same thing later or vice versa. In other words, magic and super-science must have rules, not just be a plot device.)
  • Characters develop, learn, and change with the plots. Sure some characters are well established but even old wolves can learn new tricks.
  • The language is generally not much worse than a PG-13 movie. Borderline R is okay so long as we don’t hang there the whole time.
  • Sex scenes are kept to a minimum, and when present, because they make sense, they are mostly left to the imagination. (Keeping to the borderline R rating…)
  • The story does not glorify war, killing, kidnapping, torture, or abusive treatment of people. Yes, I write sword and sorcery, but most of the people are not happy with the violence. It is a fine line to walk, but still, it is doable.
  • I especially like books that demonstrate mutual respect for all races, genders, and religious beliefs. Tolerance and mutual respect are the keystones to a strong and safe society.

When I find a fantasy/sci-fi author that always writes within my target audience, I’m excited and do my best to become friends with them. This helps my author brand and gives me a rich source of new books to read which is a win-win scenario.

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Thanks for reading.


Leeland Artra is an Amazon fantasy/sci-fi bestselling author. You can find all of his books at Amazon.


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  • B.

    Does this offer extend to urban fantasy books, as well?

  • Leeland Artra

    Urban fantasy is fantasy. So long as all your books under a given pen name stay under the R rating I don’t see why not.