Winners of the 2013 Thread Slivers New Release Giveaway

First let me say thank you to everyone who participated. It was a blast and I hope you enjoyed the suspense.

Next a little logistics. Winners have until the end of February 2013 to claim their prizes. To claim your prize I need to get an email from you with your registered name (as shown in the winner lists below) and delivery instructions. For eBooks please tell me if you want the Kindle mobi or a Nook epub eBook. If your prize includes physical items (the signed books and maps) I need your physical shipping address. If you are overseas we’ll use Paypal to adjust any shipping charges.

There were over 800 entries with 600 actual participants! I consider that a raging success.

Grand Prize winners will get:

  • Low number signed first run copy of Thread Slivers (#6-10 of 100) (note 1),
  • Signed High Resolution Posters of the Duianna Continent (note 1),
  • Free Kindle edition of Thread Slivers (note 2),
  • Permanent mention on the official web page as the Awesome Support Team for Golden Threads,
  • Free Kindle editions of the next TWO BOOKS! (note 2), and
  • Early access to the ARC editions.

Second Place winners will get:

  • Personally signed and numbered copy (#11-20 of 100) of Thread Slivers first edition run! (note 1)
  • Free Kindle edition of Thread Slivers (note 2),
  • Free Kindle edition of the next SECOND BOOK! (note 2)

Third Place winners will get:

  • Free Kindle editions of Thread Slivers (note 2)

ALL Entrants will got:

  • A good feeling for helping a new series getting started.


  1. Physical Signed Edition includes the USPS postage to a US or Canadian address, or the first $5 postage to a foreign address.
  2. Free Kindle edition is via Amazon KDP Select one time free use coupon, a direct mail epub edition is available as an alternative.

Drum roll please. … The Winners are:

(Alphabetical Order)

Grand Prize Winners

Ally Arendt

Lori Strickland

Maria Messruther

Nicole Kirstie Gaines

Shannon Jean Rhea

Second Place Prize Winners

Aaron Wolfe

Amanda Feldman

Berk Washburn

Cheryllynn Dyess

Crystal Smith-Connelly

Daniel Lynch

Derek Graystone

Diane Rapp

Larkin Livesay

Teresa Comstock Piscatelli

Third Place Prize Winners

Aaron Kilby

Alexandra Sellers

Alisa Jeruconoka

Allison M. Cosgrove

Amy Christy Jerome

Andrea Parnell

Ann Marie Meyers

Anna Church

Barbara Bogdanow Lavi

Barbara Conelli

Based Press

Becki Wilhelm Ford

Bernie Dowling

Bev Jenkins

Borje Melin

Brian Bowyer

Carl Childs

Carla Gardiner

Catherine Margaret Johnson

Charity Broeringmeyer Bradford

Chelsea Monte’ Falin-Hammond

Cheryl L. Davies

Chrystina Williams

Claude Bouchard

Courtney Hamilton

Cristina Dimen

Cynthia Cooke

David Litwack

Dawna Raver

Dina Mozingo

Dineshan Kpee

Drako Author

Elaine L. Orr

Emelia Hayes

Erica Gore

Florence Osmund

Francene Stanley

Gallo Romano

Gina Adams

Harry Steinman

Helga Zeiner

Ian Robinson

Jacqueline Gum

Jaki Castle-russo

James A. West

Jamie Leigh Haden

Jan Sigetty Bøje

Jeanette Audino Hornby

Jennifer Bonges

Jenny Hilborne

Jessie B Tyson

Joyce Strand

Julia Gibbs

Kay Lalone


Kevin Berry

Kimberly Haugh Yates

Kris Eley

Lachlan Gunn

Lakeshia Poole

Leadie Jo Flowers

Leah Gonzalez

Linda R Liotti

Lindsay Buroker

Lisa Bouchard

Lucia Adams

LV Lewis

Lynette Endicott

Magdalena VandenBerg

Marguerite Ashton

Mark Chisnell

Marquita Herald

Michelle Darville-Anaya

Monica Gray

Navendu Lad

Nema Veze

Paul R. Hewlett

Petteri Hannila

Priya Kapoor

Richard Bender

Richard Heredia

Ricky Wolfe

Robin Ingle

sadie forsythe

Samantha S Lafantasie

Sarah Ballance

Sarah Dalton

Sass Cadeaux

Sharrel Swanson

Sharron Thornton

Stacey Miller Voss

Stephanie Dagg

Stephanie Greenhalgh

Steve Robison

Suz Williams

Suzanne C. Suber

Tara McGinnis

Trudy Childs

Vicki Locey

Yolonda Jordan D’Amico

Congratulations to ALL!