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The Many POVs of the Golden Threads Trilogy

The characters set the tone of any book. The character line up for The Golden Threads Trilogy are a pretty interesting crew, one has to wonder how so many lives could even meet, let alone working together. I've assembled many of the character descriptions, summarized size of each role, explain some of the POV, and even provide pronunciation audio clips.
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Lolenda, Goddess of Rhonia, a sneak peek with a map

Rhonia is a continent, a chain of islands, an empire, and the source of some tasty if annoying herbs. Here is the latest sneak peek into book three Thread Skein, in a scene where Illa is left on her own in-between. This sneak peek comes with a map and some background info as a bonus!
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The Inner Circle Street Team

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I recently ran into an idea of a "Street Team". After researching it, it really sounds like a lot of fun. The Street Team is the advanced descendant or maybe gene-spliced engineered creature formed from a fan club, an advisory council, and a marketing group. In other words, a really cool thing for fans and authors.

The Blue Marble Palace of Elraci

How about another update? After a week of being so sick I couldn’t even think to dream, I’m back on the work bandwagon. Managed to add just over 5,000 new words the 3rd book. I’ve also have lots of great stuff rolling down the hill. Here is a sneak peek at the latest new scene for book three, Thread Skein