Settling a Bet

Marketing types suggest one way to connect with steampunk fans. Successful fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk authors suggest an opposing viewpoint. After some debate on what would work as a way to introduce people to my new steampunk serial adventures, a small side wager was made. Now it is up to me to test both options, collect the data, and get my colleague to buy me a tasty beverage...
Endless Horizons Sagas, World Without End 7, High Places cover

World Without End: Episode Seven is now available

The Endless Horizons Sagas, season 1 World Without End, episode 7 High Places, early draft is available for download. In this episode Lady Janali struggles with high altitude climbing and unexpected miracles from the Star Empresses as she prepares to conduct the largest experiment in history. The church's watch dog, Balius, is caught unprepared for...

In Service to the Empresses

In Service to the Empresses in the Endless Horizons Sagas is now available as a free download. But first you might like some more details. The imperial crown’s government and the Holy Church of the Star Empresses co-rule life in the Ventali Empire. From a high viewpoint looking down over the landscape of the Ventali society, it breaks down along some simple terms of men and women, church and state, and nobles and commoners.

What's up with the Golden Threads Trilogy Hardbacks?

Just when I thought the Golden Threads Trilogy was completely published I got a real surprise. You won’t believe what happened, but I’ll tell you anyway. I planned to take an entire weekend out and have some fun signing and shipping the first 100 print copies to supporters who pre-paid for the signed and numbered first editions. Little did I know a phone call and an email would change everything.