Thread Slivers is Incoming!

Thread Slivers has been scheduled for final release publication yesterday. This weekend in addition to finally putting away the Christmas lights (yes, they’ve been up this long) I worked on getting the revised edition of Thread Slivers…

Desktop Wallpaper Images

We just got the complete set of 42 beautiful desktop wallpaper images based on the book covers and maps. There are sizes and layouts for almost every cellphone, computer, and tablet. You can still get access to this limited edition set of…
Thread Slivers 3D

2013-02 Thread Slivers

Thread Slivers is being prepared to be published as a hardback and mass-market paperback via a Kickstarter campaign. It is the first book of the highly rated high fantasy / hard science-fiction epic Golden Threads Trilogy, originally published in February of 2013 . Check out the updated first and second chapter excerpts for the hardback edition.
POV cam 150x175

The Many POVs of the Golden Threads Trilogy

The characters set the tone of any book. The character line up for The Golden Threads Trilogy are a pretty interesting crew, one has to wonder how so many lives could even meet, let alone working together. I've assembled many of the character descriptions, summarized size of each role, explain some of the POV, and even provide pronunciation audio clips.

Interview by Jein's Journey Blog

Interview Originally Posted at Featuring author of The Golden Threads Trilogy, Leeland Artra Hello everyone, today I am talking with Leeland Artra, author of the  Golden Threads Trilogy.   Leeland, please tell…

Enter To Win

I'm giving away over 100 prizes to celebrate the first release of Thread Slivers. Entry into the giveaway is easy and there are multiple chances to get more entries.