The Elraci Secret

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Lebuin Surprise Fight 317x195What is the Elracian mystery? This is a central element to the Golden Threads Trilogy, and in fact, answering this question helps to resolve many of the plot threads. Many powerful entities have tried for over five thousand years to suppress the knowledge. But, there are numerous hints about this mystery throughout the first two books. Examples of the hints about Elraci:


  • Lebuin is given some advanced magic books beyond what the guild teaches which he is warned to keep hidden. When he mentions them to Duke, he is told that the guild was established to suppress those magics.
  • There are numerous references to the fact that Duke built Llino and made it his home for over ten thousand years. Yet, he suddenly moved north because “it got too hot.”
  • There is no country called Elraci on the maps, yet it is clearly a signing country in the Duianna Alliance.
  • The Gods have a law that requires executing anyone who learns specific things, not named, about Elraci, and that other Elracian knowledge will yield severe punishments.
  • No one travels across the Circumveni Desert. In spite of the fact that the Dwarf nation and Karakia are on the southern half of the continent, the only trade is by boat. The Circumveni Desert slices the continent in half, and yet, there are references to long time trade routes between Aelargo and Karakia.
  • The Nhia-Samri have Elracian artifacts, knowledge, and magics on which Warlord Maru Ashua laments that humanity has lost its unlimited potential.

Well, in Thread Skein, the Elracian secret comes out, at least for a select few individuals. The question is, will they keep it a secret, or do they now carry the same burden as the Gods and leave the majority of the world in ignorance? Ticca, Lebuin, Illa, Ditani, and their Dagger team are deep in the desert and in trouble up to their necks. Here is an excerpt from Thread Skein:


Illa didn’t pay attention as she ran for Nigan, and unfortunately, that brought her into the path of the second creature. The intersection surprised both of them. The creature bowled Illa over smashing her to the ground as it tried to bring its pincers into play. As fast as these things were, it still missed grabbing Illa by a few inches at least.

Looking back at the first creature, Ditani, Persa, and Ticca were keeping it busy. For a moment, he thought Ditani was going to get skewered, but Ditani was able to parry the stinger with his blade. However, the power behind the attack still knocked him down, and as he fell, his sword went flying away. As Lebuin dodged, he spotted Risy’s body on the ground, blood covering his head.

Anger flared, and Lebuin pushed to finish constructing the twisted channels of the lightning bolt incantation, targeting the creature’s open mouth. The attack sizzled, and the creature shook violently. Its pincer opened as it stepped back, shaking from left to right.

“HA! You’re not so tough on the inside.” Lebuin ran around it, heading for Illa. She was unconscious on the ground. He picked her up and ran with her to where Nigan was pushing himself up to a sitting position. Malla was sitting next to him, looking him over with a critical eye.

He laid Illa down so Nigan could hold her. “Take care of her.”

Lebuin grabbed Malla’s arm and squeezed to get her attention. When she looked, Lebuin pointed at Risy. Malla tapped Nigan’s shoulder, and grabbing her medical supplies, she launched towards Risy.

Nigan nodded and motioned towards the fight. “I’ve got her. Go help.”



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