The Many POVs of the Golden Threads Trilogy

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POV cam 250x292Something that makes my writing style different is how I perceive and record the world. I find it is adventurous, compelling and complex. Therefore, I decided to mimic my life’s view on the world in my writing and how I generally navigate throughout it. That is to say, I actually go about my day experiencing all the wonders the world has to offer, rather than actually thinking about them, or even having words in my head to describe them. Yet, I do register certain things and am often told I miss other items. At times, I have quite long internal monologue sessions, yes; I actually talk to myself, not just sounds of words in my head, but actually seeing the words, sentences and everything. Then, of course, I have real conversations with people. Except, that what I hear; is not always precisely what is being said. (I’m sure you can relate to this.)

I don’t recall reading any Fiction books that progress in the first person narrative. That includes the internal monologue and the descriptive story completely from the character’s point-of-view (POV). Most books I have read are told from a narrative POV that includes the current character’s thoughts and feelings. The closest I have seen to my own style is from the author, Lindsay Buroker where her current POV is written like a continuously running internal dialog.

What this all means is, that the characters I have created will look upon their world, as I do mine. Each character will have a rather unique perspective and see some items; while other characters will see things completely differently. This altering of perspective and the fact that I have a rather large cast of POVs add up to a complex set of styles, perceptions, and events.

All this came out pretty clearly when I started to have an audio-book made. In the process of putting the details together, I finally had greater insight into my own writing style. I ended up with some wonderful descriptions of all the primary characters.

My Inner Circle Street Team said, ‘they were awesome’, and I should share. So here they are. There are some spoiler items which are hidden. If you haven’t read the books yet, the choice is yours whether to have a sneak peak. It depends on whether you really can’t wait to see where some things go.

Page counts for each character:

The following Characters have a correct pronunciation of their name by me embedded.Press onto the arrow to activate the audio sample.

Thread Slivers, Golden Threads Trilogy Book One, character POV page counts:

67 Ticca of Rhini Wood
59 Lebuin of House Caerni, Journeyman Mage of the Mages Guild of Argos
25 Dohma Gerani, Captain of the Aelargo Guard
14 Elades of Stegea
10 Ladro of Greyrhan
5 Boadua of Mostill Valley
5 Ossa-Ulla
4 Sayscia of Nillith, the Great Lady
2 General Eshra-Zunia
2 Brin of Algan, Mayor of Algan
2 Urio-Larne
0.5 Warlord Maru-Ashua

Thread Strands, Golden Threads Trilogy Book Two, character POV page counts:

61 Ticca of Rhini Wood
49 Lebuin of House Caerni, Journeyman Mage of the Mages Guild of Argos
36 Dohma Gerani-Uriosal, Chief Regent of Aelargo
30 Electra Neyon, Countess of Waylisia, Deputy Secretary of the Duianna Alliance
22 Elades of Stegea
20 Hiri-Rula
11 Vesta
11 Warlord Maru-Ashua
7 Colonel Mishia-Ollan
4 Ditani of Karakia, Speaker of the Tribes of Kiliua-ona
4 Runa-Illa
3 Nigan of Llino
1 Magus Cune
1 Warlord Eshra-Zunia

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POV descriptions (in order of role size based on page count):

Ticca is a nineteen-year-old highly trained warrior who loves drama and really wants to make a huge mark in the world. Her general speech mannerisms are American Marine. In books one and two, she grows into a leadership role. A role she was born to be. Without knowing the truth, she was schooled by her parents early on, and later by her uncle, as both a strong person [spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Ticca Spoiler”] but also as someone who could assume her true status as Empress of Duianna [/spoilertag].

Lebuin is a twenty-four-year-old pompous dandy of a wizard who JUST graduated from the guild. His plan was to become the best librarian the wizards’ guild ever had. He has a real issue with dirt and is an extraordinary fashion snob. His general speech mannerisms are pampered spoiled rich guy. Because of Lebuin’s family, in my head, he has always had a light British accent. Through book one he slowly develops, learning that the real world and dirt were not as bad as he thought. He trained with Ticca, and they overcame many obstacles. [spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Lebuin Spoiler”] In book two, he is still a bit of a dandy but growing. He slowly matures, and evolves, into something greater than he ever thought possible. Also, he is naturally falling in love with Ticca, for both her casual ability to always dress well and her character. [/spoilertag]

Dohma is a thirty-year-old strong voiced military commander who came up through the ranks. Born into a family of palace servants he spent more time with the guards than the general servants, so his speech patterns are more hardline. In my head, he has a simple American accent, and yet there are some strong tones like a king might have. He sounds plausible as a front line commander or a high king of the land. [spoilertag title=”Thread Slivers Dohma Spoiler”] In book one, he was discovered to be of the hereditary regent’s line for the Kingdom of Aelargo. He was made chief regent, which unless the royal family line is found (not likely) means he is the ruler of the Kingdom of Aelargo. His brother and sister are his co-regents, and he dropped into the new role fairly well. But, he still is more of a commander than a diplomat. [/spoilertag]

Electra is a twenty-two-year-old diplomat raised in the grand capital of the Duianna Empire (Gracia), which has a heavy Tuscany influence, including the Italian accents and all. She was born the Right Honorable Lady Electra Neyon, Countess of Waylisia and after being schooled and trained as a diplomat, quickly rose to become one of the youngest Deputy Secretaries of the Duianna Alliance. She is very thoughtful, intelligent, and totally willing to use her appearance to lull others into underestimating her. Her upbringing included a ladies finishing school which included voice, pronunciation, and etiquette training. She has been grafted from a small child to speak very clearly and “lady-like.” She speaks with a clear educated voice but cannot break out of the Italian accent.

Elades is a veteran warrior, been there, seen it, willing to do it again to save the innocent. Tough as nails with a heart as deep as the ocean. He is in his mid-forties with years as a military commander. He’s voice is that strong authoritative and instantly trusted leader’s voice few people have. There is something about him that just naturally makes him trusted by all around him. He has a sense of humor and is willing to laugh at himself as much as anything else.

Hira-Rula is a thirty-three-year-old military officer and wizard. Because she is a military officer and uses magic, she is very controlled in her use of language. She isn’t 100% confident in herself and has learned to compensate by using longer pauses in her speech pattern, which adds emphasis to her words. I envision her with a light Arabian accent.

Vesta [spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Vesta Spoiler”] is a computer artificial intelligence sentient being who appears as a fit woman of about thirty six years of age with a beautiful, but husky, voice. When she sings, it is beyond good. She comes off like the strong sisterly friend you know that isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is willing to do what it takes to get stuff done. Her voice is pretty much Adele in my head. [/spoilertag]

Warlord Maro-Asua is a 50+ year old man who is very use to having everything he says done instantly, without question. Although he can be soft spoken at times, he is normally a hearty man. He knows far more than he should and is trying to do what is right for all. He is strong, instantly recognized as a power to be reckoned with.

Colonel Mishia-Ollan is a [spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Mishia-Ollan Spoiler”] tragic character. I set him up to be instantly loved and liked by the readers. Unfortunately, he also dies at the end of his scene. [/spoilertag] His voice is strong, trusted, and makes everyone imagine a hero. Specifically, he is a forty-six-year-old career military officer and trainer. His voice is clear and commanding with a solid Arabian accent.

Ditani is an old servant who comes from Karakia which is roughly equivalent to the Native American Indians tribes. Ditani has the mannerisms of a perfect English butler with an American Indian accent/tone. In book one, he slowly dropped into a mentor/surrogate father role for both Lebuin and Ticca. [spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Ditani Spoiler”] He is actually Lebuin’s uncle. He is also aware of far more than anyone suspects or knows. He is the near mortal son of the All-Father God, Argos. [/spoilertag]

Runa-Illa is a nineteen-year-old warrior raised in the military. If she were alive today, she would be right up there with Katy Perry as a singer. She is playful but dangerous. [spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Runa-Illa Spoiler”] She has undying loyalty to Lebuin as her God. But, Lebuin needs convincing of his new role, and she is willing to do that too. [/spoilertag] She fell for Nigan instantly and loves his wit and charm. But, she enjoys playing hard to get, probably a bit too much.

Nigan is a strong young man about twenty-two years old. All of his lines are read out loud with a persistent wide smile and generally a slight laugh. He is by far a happy optimistic warrior. He is serious but sees no reason to not enjoy life. He has an American Midwest accent.

Magus Cune is a 40+ year old warrior mage with ages of experience in dark places. [spoilertag title=”Thread Slivers Magus Cune Spoiler”] He loves the world and serves the Goddess, Dalpha. Dalpha charged him with protecting her daughter, Sula, and he takes that very seriously, even though Sula generally feels she is in charge. [/spoilertag][spoilertag title=”Thread Strands Magus Cune Spoiler”] Cune played the villain to Lebuin for many years and kind of enjoyed the ‘bad boy’ image even though he has a heart of gold. [/spoilertag]

Warlord Eshra-Zunia is a woman in her mid-thirties who has an odd accent that is barely perceptible (maybe Arabian hints in a bit of American Indian accent). She is very strong and commanding. She worked her way up to one of the highest ranks in the Nhia-Samri by shear will power and determination. She is focused and dogged, but she does take time to enjoy her rank.

Boadua is a matronly retired military officer turned nun/nurse. She is in her mid-forties. She speaks with a no-nonsense tone and is generally sure of herself. She has some rather unusual gifts for seeing things around her and knowing when some of the gods are up to something. In my head, she has a New England style accent.

Ossa-Ulla is a man in his twenties with a strong English accent. He is a tough cookie and knows it. He is hell bent to prove to the world that he is the best.

Ladro is a man in his thirties who knows how to work. He is the perfect New England butler, or man servant. He is polished, and very capable.

Mayor of Algan is an eighty-year-old thin man with a soft southern accent, nothing too strong. He should sound like everyone’s favorite uncle.

Sayscia is a thirty-year-old soft, almost musical, lady of impeccable standing. I’m thinking an American Julie Andrews…

Orahda is a very old and wise solder. He should have an odd accent that is very different from everyone else, but not placeable.