Sneak Peek as a Blog Article?

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Wolf Eye 250x167I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately because of how much work is going into the third book, and the other really amazing projects I have rolling for all you awesome fans of fantasy and sci-fi. These are just consuming me, yet none of them are mature enough that they can be shared in a blog article or newsletter. Silence, has been the result. I just don’t have the time right now to write up any specific blog articles.

I have six really roughed out blog articles ready for editing and a bit of rework. For example there is one on my decision to go against the recommendation to not include contemporary music in my stories; another one on the money system I built and the reasoning behind it; and yet another on the use of magic in sci-fi.

It occurred to me only today, one of the best blog posts I could do would be examples of stuff coming up. After all we are all here for the fantasy and sci-fi stories, right?

If you like this idea, please comment! If this is something you’d like to see, then I can keep you up to date, and when under a crunch still have some regular blogging happening. I’d hate for you to think I was in another writers’ block slump (I’m not, in fact I’m churning out about 2,000 words a day right now).

Here is a sample from tonight’s work:

Countess Electra Neyon, Deputy Secretary of the Duianna Alliance, secret agent of the sentient computer intelligence Vesta, and unofficial fiancee of Lord Dohma tore the neuro-interface band from her head gasping for breath as she started bawling uncontrollably. The images of the explosion remained clear in her mind. She had been the unseen witness. For all the power at her disposal still unable to do anything more than screaming hopelessly as her love was burned to ash. All of Duke’s attack force was consumed in the fires of the Nhia-Samri explosion. There had been no warning, one moment it looked as if Duke and Dohma had succeeded in taking the base.

Some initial burst of energies had knocked out or destroyed Vesta’s observation bugs. Vesta had moved her last observation satellite over the area and they had shifted to its sensor input. Electra couldn’t accept what they saw. Vesta and Arkady had been just as shocked into silence as they watched the base explosion via the orbital observation platform.

Arkady estimated that everything within a one mile radius was completely reduced to ash. The destructive radius itself was a five mile radius. Although some of Duke’s elite troupes would no doubt survive, Duke, and Dohma were guaranteed to be nothing more than dust.

The emotions that had hit Electra at that moment swept her out of the virtual world of Vesta and Arkady back to her chamber. An unknown time had passed and she was aware of two people sitting on her bed holding her and saying something soothing. She couldn’t make it out. She started to retreat into her mind when her Grandfather’s voice boiled up from her memory. ‘Life has many miseries, but our family has and will continue to perform our duties regardless. You shall be tested and remember this, you are Countess of Waylisia, you have it in you to hold the line. You must never forget this.’

She tried to push some of the grief aside. Mandy, her personal Dagger guard captain was in front of her holding her shoulder gently. Behind her was likely another of her Dagger guards.

Mandy was looking very worried.

Electra suddenly felt a huge wave of gratitude for Mandy’s steady hand on her shoulder. It gave her something to connect to, something to hold on to. She looked through the blurring tears. “Duke and Dohma are dead.”

Mandy dropped to her knees and pulled Electra into a hug. “Oh Lady I’m so sorry for your loss. You two had so little time. Don’t worry, we shall still prevail.”

Electra shook her head, “no you don’t understand Duke, Dohma, and most of Duke’s Dagger army was incinerated into ash by a massive magical attack.”

One of the other Daggers whistled as another added “oh damn that will really piss Duke off.”

  • Sam Poe

    “One of the other Daggers whistled as another added ‘oh damn that will really piss Duke off.'”
    ^ this 😀

    I assume this is the outside view of that last sneak peek where they jump through the portal…mostly?

    • Sam you are right

      This essentially comes in the next chapter when the POV returns to Electra. Although, things get potentially weirder from there.

  • Joy Wilson

    Ok, Leeland, I am rereading your two books, again. A dose of Book 3, or your other work in progress, is very helpful. So, thank you.
    Joy Wilson

    • Thank you Joy! Nice to know. So far feedback here and on Facebook is pretty positive about this. This will be fun to. I love sharing snippets of what I’m pulling together.

      + Leeland

  • Nancy e Hodson

    there is NO Way that you can really leave Duke and Dohma out there. I admit it would really piss Duke off, me too!

    • Of course not Nancy, this leads to all kinds of interesting developments, and a peak into Imperial magics… :^)

      + Leeland