Approaching Beta for Book One

I haven’t posted recently because I have been pushing to get the first book done and off to the editors. As of right now I am 1.5 chapters from being done with the beta-draft version. It has been a lot of interesting time and a bit more work than I expected.

I got interested in some statistics for this first book (I am a programmer by day so statistics and analysis is my bread and butter right now). Running the numbers I got:

Total Hours spent writing: 204.10

Words per Hour: 522

Average Hours Per Chapter: 14.58

That is just in writing time. I have also spent at least:

Estimated research time: ~50 hours

Estimated mapping / drawing time: ~16 hours

For a grand total of:

# 8 hour work days writing: 33.75

# Actual Days from starting chapter 1: 99

What does this mean? Not really sure but I find it interesting that I have put in 33.75 8 hour work days, or 6.75 full time work weeks of effort for the first book so far. I expect to put in a number of more hours once I get the editors’ feedback turning the beta draft into something ready for production.

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